Front Office Services

is the first place where guests/customers arrive and come in touch with the staff. Front office/reception is related to Service Delivery System, where employees engage with consumers/customers. It uses the parameter of labor intensity to figure out the distinctive characteristics of a service. therefor continuous training should be provided to front office staff, as this will improve their services, which is needed to provide for customers.

We have developed a method of training for both managers in different levels and employees to increase their knowledge of new and updated ways of handling customers in best possible condition which all parties get benefits.

We have divided our FOS in following categories and according to each subject we offer various package of training and supports.

  • Consulting
    • If you want to start your business, try new fields or you need to have a fresh pair of eyes to advise your financially, we can connect you to the right one. We are supported by a powerful and knowledgeable  firms and advisers and depend on you business scale we offer you one that suits you more.
  • Marketing
    • It is one of most important activity in any business. No matter of what you do or produce you need to promote your product or services to find the right targeted market. We can help your business or company with Marketing in Asia and Europe depends on the capacity of your products. 
  • Office Management
    • Office managers have a big roll to run your office(s) smoothly. They are links between high level managers and employees to control the work environment for many reason such as health, safety, office supplements and etc. Office managers shall be trained and kept up to date with the latest knowledge. We can assist your organization by offering different courses and upgrading your office managers skills. In case you need, we have a data base of qualified office managers with experience to be assigned to your organization.
  • Sales
    • This a the department that offer your product to your clients. They need to be sharp, up to date and well informed. We have different courses and workshops which help your sales team to get latest knowledge and information. Depends of your work field we have educational packages and workshops for your sales team. 
  • Travel Services
    • Business trips have always been part of business,  we can offer you wast range of services such as assist you for applying visa, document ion, hotel reservation, hiring cars, buses &etc world wide. Relay on our partners all around the globe we can offer you safest and best way of trip and accommodation with best possible prices.