One of our most important services are Courses & Training provide to our clients. it is crucial for any organization to keep all elements and staffs up-to-date by latest knowledge and technology. We offer vast range of courses, Training and workshops in many different fields and levels. All participants will receive certificates after approval and passing related exams. We provide all necessary related educational material according latest information and data approved by qualified institutes.
MIPBS provide different course, training and workshop in various fields and levels. We offer latest knowledge by providing materials and workshops all over the world. There many different titles and fields to choose and for all qualified participants certification will be issued, We and our partners have possibilities to hold courses for small or big groups.
There are various options and facilities to choose even e-learning. We specially offer specific training for project management, project control, risk management, cost engineering, planning and etc.
We also provide requested software and related training to develop or update your employees.