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Project Services

We provide vast rang of services for different type of project in various fields and disciplines by relaying on our skills and experiences and worldwide network of qualified partners. Our Services ranging from Tendering up to construction and includes Consulting, Project Management, Engineering and Procurement. We are supported by well known firms and companies for each discipline which able us provide best services to our clients. Although there are more fields covers by MIPBS but we have three main divisions in our project teams.

We offer full support and services for FEED, Engineering, Design and Tendering in various fields specially Oil, Gas and petrochemical sectors. We also provide Project Management and Project Control services by offering software or hardware solution and or experienced staffs. MIPBS also provides Procurement services to many different type of projects. All these services can be offered as an integrated package which are more cost and time efficient. We also have extended our services to agricultural field as well by providing full services for High-Tech farming and specially sport grass fields.

Our Services

Engineering Services

In our Engineering division vast rang of services are available, such as FEED, basic design, detail design and support engineering during procurement. We have qualified engineering firms in different disciplines and fields which support us to provide our services. We also provide services for survey for initial studies for offshore or onshore projects. Our engineering division works closely with our procurement team for a reliable technical support.

PM & PC Services

To manage and control your project you need tools and expert staffs. We provide vast rang of software for each aspect of project control and management. Managing and controlling Cost, Time and Risks are essential in execution of any project. We have a rich database of professionals who can be assign to any project anywhere in the world. Combine of right tools and professional staff will assist our client to manage and control in best way.

Procurement Services

Our worldwide network and partners all over the globe along with our experienced team able us to provide best procurement services to our client. We have a close partnership with many producer and stockist which able us to offer best price and delivery time to our client. We can deliver vast rang of items and material and equipment for different type of projects and industries. We provide best quality with best price in shortest possible time.

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