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We have 3 major divisions for our available services. These 3 divisions working independently but integrated with each other as a one system. Within this system we are able to provide all type of services using our worldwide network and partners. Each divisions has been categorized into sections for better control and management. All services which make us part of an organization for a final product have been categorized under Project Services, any services to assist our client to setup, develop or expand a business have been added to our Business Services. All advisory, permitting, educational and legal services are under Consultancy divisions.


Worldwide Network

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Project Services

Our Project services covers different phases and disciplines of projects . Consultancy, Engineering, Project management, HR & Procurement are services that we provide to our client. Visibility studies, FEED, Design, different kind of surveys, permitting and consultancy for each of these services are available and our partners will support us to provide required services.

Business Services

Our Business Services are divided in 2 categories. Front Office and Back Office service. each one of these categories cover various part of your business. In fact base on our partners support we can be at your services in any sector of your business. When you want to begin with a new business or you want to open new office or branch in any location, than our services will help you to do it.


We have extended our consultancy services for different phases of project or for many type of business by developing our partners and network. We offer vast rang of services ranging from feasibility study to design, law cases, permits, educations and training, advisory on commercial systems and Access to financial markets. With support of our partners in each division we are able to provide best services to our clients.


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